Can you install a new garage door on old tracks?

If you are installing a different brand door, or even a different style within a certain brand, the old guide may not fit the new door. Door thickness and weight are key factors in determining the type of rail a specific door will need. Roads are usually created with a specific garage door in mind, which means that not all garage doors fit on the same road. If you have an adjustable track, it's best to replace it, as the tracks can get misaligned.

Replacing garage doors on old roads is only possible if you use the same brand of garage doors. Each brand has its own garage door style that must match the dimensions of the tracks. If you try to use ones that don't match, the track supports may bend or become misaligned. Activate the opening device and check that when the garage door touches 2 by 4, it reverses immediately (within two seconds).

Manufacturers have created a complete garage door system with all the components necessary to operate safely and properly. Inspect high-tension garage swing door springs and pay the cost of garage door spring repairs. Most garage door kits will include a new garage door rail and installation instructions for that particular model. That's why every time you replace the garage door with a new one, it means replacing a whole set of parts with it.

Also known as a roll-up set, garage door rails are essential for opening and closing the door. Using old garage door parts saves time and money when you need to replace your old garage door. If improperly installed, the garage door could malfunction and become unsafe or cause injury during use. Residential garage doors use 2 rails, although some residential garage door designs require 3 rails.

Regular road maintenance by qualified professionals will improve the performance and lifespan of your garage door. Even if you consider the factors above, any professional garage expert will tell you to replace the tracks when thinking about replacing a garage door. Even if a defect in the door causes damage, the manufacturer may limit coverage because it used old rails. So let's look at a couple of reasons why it's better to install new roads next to the new garage door.

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