Can you use the old tracks when replacing a garage door?

Old roads can pose a threat to your safety and that of your family. Over time, chains can rust, warp, or bend, compromising the safety of the garage door system. If it's time to replace the garage door itself, it's probably time to replace the tracks as well. In addition to weight and thickness, free space and the size and location of the operator can also affect road requirements that old tracks may or may not meet.

The sections and rails of a garage door work like a system, and if one is missing, the system fails and injuries can result. According to DASMA, to ensure the long life and maximum performance of your door, you should always use the guide designed specifically for your new garage door. Roads are usually created with a specific garage door in mind, which means that not all garage doors fit on the same road. If you have an adjustable track, it's best to replace it, as the tracks can get misaligned.

Replacing garage doors on old roads is only possible if you use the same brand of garage doors. Each brand has its own garage door style that must match the dimensions of the tracks. If you try to use ones that don't match, the track supports may bend or become misaligned. If you're thinking about replacing your garage door, you're probably wondering what parts you can reuse to save money.

If a new door is thicker or heavier than the old one, even a few kilos, the tracks may not be able to support it and it becomes a serious safety problem. Manufacturers have created a complete garage door system with all the components necessary to operate safely and properly. All garage doors come with their own offsets, the distance between a door and the garage wall before it closes. Since installing a new garage door is a big job that requires heavy lifting and electrical work, you should consider hiring a professional and not trying to do it yourself.

So let's look at a couple of reasons why it's better to install new roads next to the new garage door. If improperly installed, the garage door could malfunction and become unsafe or cause injury during use. Intense sunlight can also interrupt the electrical eye and prevent the system from opening or closing the garage door. Call a reliable garage door installation company like Eden Garage Doors Repair to do this job with reasonable labor costs.

Regular road maintenance by qualified professionals will improve the performance and lifespan of your garage door. Even if you consider the factors above, any professional garage expert will tell you to replace the tracks when thinking about replacing a garage door. Learning to inspect your garage door and how to manage the maintenance of your own garage door can help it last for years. But if the garage door is made of a lighter material and the guides are made of aluminum, it is better to check their condition before using them.

If you're using old garage door rails, it's very likely that they simply aren't compatible with your new garage door or door system.

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