How much does a garage door opener motor cost?

This is especially useful when it's dark outside and you need to maneuver your car to get in and out of the garage. Most garage doors can be opened with ½ or ¾ HP motors, but more powerful motors tend to last longer. Belt-operated garage door openers use a strap to drive the cart, which moves the garage door up and down. On average, a garage door opener will last 10 to 15 years, depending on the power of the opener, the weight of the garage door and the number of times it has been opened and closed.

This infographic highlights site decisions and problems that can cause large cost variations in the typical budget for installing automatic garage door openers. If you are determined to carry out this project yourself, be sure to remove any cables or cords that may be connected to your garage door or opener, deactivate all currently installed locks, attach them to the ceiling beams and not just to the gypsum board, and connect the safety rope to the emergency valve for disconnect it. This makes them more practical, especially if you're not sure which model of door opener you're currently using. The most common is wiring, which will have a wall switch inside the garage that can be used to open and close the door.

The prices in this section refer to the cost of the unit itself, not the cost of the installed garage door openers. Because you'll open and close a large, heavy garage door more than once a day, your opener will suffer a lot of wear and tear, so it needs proactive maintenance to ensure its longevity. A garage door weighs at least 130 pounds for a single door and 350 pounds or more for a double door with windows. Installing a garage door opener will save you the hassle of leaving your car to operate the door.

Direct-drive openers use the motor that moves along a stationary chain to open and close the garage door. When buying a new garage door, it's not all about exterior appeal, be sure to also consider materials, energy costs, and safety features. The Core series features an AC motor for lifting heavy residential doors and comes with a chain or belt drive. If you live in a cold region or just like aesthetics, you might have a large garage with two small garage doors instead of a double door.

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