What happens if a garage door cable breaks?

A broken cable causes additional tension to be transferred to the other cable, putting enormous pressure on it. This can cause the garage door to lift unevenly, which can twist and become unbalanced. So, if your garage door squeaks, shakes, or works strangely, this could mean that a cable has broken. Wear and tear is the most common cause of cable failure.

However, water or moisture near the bottom or sides of the door, corrosion, damaged pulley bearings, or improper chain alignment can strain or degrade cables. If you have a broken or frayed cable, don't use the garage door. Additional damage may occur, leading to costly repairs. Garage door cables are of the utmost importance.

They are made of metal and are intended to be very sturdy, but they are also flexible, as they are repeatedly pulled and lowered through a pulley system and then rolled and unwound around a drum at the top of the garage door as the door opens and closes. However, just because they're strong doesn't mean they're impervious to breakage. A broken or faulty cable could cause the garage door to stop working properly. Worse, if one of the springs broke and the cable wasn't in place, the broken spring could fly through the garage and cause a great deal of damage, maybe even killing someone.

You can imagine why it's important to pay attention to the condition of your garage door cables and call a professional if you notice that one is damaged or broken. One of the ways to prevent garage door cables from breaking is to invest in annual professional maintenance. Your garage door is a complicated machine made up of many functional parts, each of which is essential for the smooth and unhindered movement of something so cumbersome. You could be seriously injured if you try to fix your garage door yourself; this happens to many people every year.

When this happens, the cable won't slide as smoothly and you'll notice the door getting stuck or bending to one side again. Even if you succeed in successfully replacing a garage door cable, there is a significant risk that you won't be able to properly adjust the spring tension and perform other crucial tasks necessary to ensure that your door meets the relevant safety regulations. On the one hand, it is known that some cables are wound incorrectly around the drum, so that the door gets stuck, often falls on one side, or the door snaps when you lower it. If this isn't possible and you can't leave your house exposed, you'll need to cut the remaining cable to close the door.

One of the most frustrating things for any homeowner is returning to a garage door that won't open. If the garage door starts to shake, creak, or act strangely, there could be a problem with the cable. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to use a garage door that has a broken or loose cable. If the problematic cable has caused the door to get stuck in an open position, you should call emergency garage door repair technicians and stay there until they arrive.

Instead of lifting and fixing a garage door cable yourself, call a team of reputable professionals to do it for you. Garage door cables withstand an enormous load due to the weight of the garage door, so they must be of the best quality. American veteran Garge Doors is here to introduce you to what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

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